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One of the many advantages of the Unger Method™️ is its universality. It can be profitable across a large number of financial instruments.

You can find endless income opportunities but identifying them takes time, effort, and knowledge.

The Unger Strategy Club is designed to focus you on where the competitive advantages are and it will point you in the right direction to help you develop new trading strategies.

When you join the club, you'll have access to live advanced training sessions, actionable breakdowns of some of the best-performing strategies in our portfolio. You’ll also get access to a database of open-code systems you can develop as you wish.

...and receive trading insights, open-source code systems and advanced training every month!


Value: €297/month

➡️ One Live Masterclass a month

Every month you can participate in a Live Masterclass, where our coaches will delve into Advanced Trading Topics. The Masterclasses are much more than webinars or coaching calls. They’re real Interactive Lessons explaining topics that are essential to help you grow and keep up with market changes.

Value: €3,997

➡️ Archive of past Live Masterclass recordings

Live Masterclasses are invaluable for making your trading strategies even more effective. That's why we Record Every Live Session and store it in your own private library. This way you can watch any Masterclass as Many Times as you Like, anywhere, anytime.

Value: €397/month

➡️ One video a month with the rules of our best strategies

One Exclusive Video per month, where we analyze the top-performing strategy from Our Portfolio. In every video, we'll explain the General Rules of the strategy and provide you with Quality Insights based on the Current Market Conditions.

Value: €4,997

➡️ Archive of all the videos with the rules of our best strategies

With this Comprehensive Collection of videos explaining the fundamental principles of our top strategies, you'll have an endless Well of Ideas to enhance your investment portfolio right at your fingertips.

Value: €397/month

➡️ Exclusive instant access to the new Strategy of the month code

Want to get the code of the winning strategy of our “Strategy of the Month” contest? When you join the Club, you'll get Exclusive Instant Access to the Open-Source Code of the strategy. The code is in PowerLanguage and we'll provide the relative MultiCharts workspace as well, so you can immediately start working on it and customizing it as you wish!

Value: €4,997

➡️ Database of the open-source codes of our "Strategies of the Month"

Would you like to have access to all the codes of the Winning Strategies from the “Strategy of the Month” contest? As a member of the Club, you will have access to a database with all the Open-Source Codes of the winners of the contest in the past months. Another great source of trading ideas for your portfolio, with the added benefit that you can Import the Codes Directly into MultiCharts and customize as you wish.

...and receive trading insights, open-source code systems and advanced training every month!

  • One Live Masterclass a month (value €297€/month)

  • Archive of Past Live Masterclass Recordings (value €3,997)

  • One video a month with the basic rules of our best strategies (value €397/month)

  • Archive of all the rules of our best strategies (value €4,997)

  • Exclusive access to the code of the  "Strategy of the Month"  (value €397/month)

  • Database of the open-source codes    of the "Strategies of the Month" (value €4,997)

TOTAL VALUE: €15,082



Unger Strategy Club is a monthly or annual subscription program that provides high-value content. 

Please note that canceling your subscription will result in the loss of access to the content.

...and receive trading insights, open-source code systems and advanced training every month!


Entering the Club, you will get access to the open-source codes of the winning strategies from our "Strategy of the Month" contest.

Below, you can see the equity curves obtained by backtesting these strategies on historical data.

January 2023: Mean-reverting Strategy on Gold Futures by Michele (historical data since 2010).

February 2023: Trend -following Strategy on Nasdaq Futures by Stefano (historical data since 2006).

March 2023: Trend-following Strategy on Crude Oil Futures by Paolo (historical data since 2010).

April 2023: Trend-following Strategy on Gold Futures by Luca (historical data since 2010).

May 2023: Reversal Strategy on Gold Futures by Alessio (historical data since 2010).

June 2023: Intraday breakout Strategy on Gold Futures by Roberto (historical data since 2010).

July 2023: Trend-following Strategy on Platinum Futures by Domenico (historical data since 2010).

August 2023: Trend-following Strategy on Bund Futures by Nicola (historical data since 2010).

September 2023: Reversal Strategy on Gold Futures by Giuseppe (historical data since 2010).

October 2023: Trend-following Strategy on Crude Oil Futures by Vincenzo (historical data since 2010).

November 2023: Reversal Strategy on Nasdaq Futures by Simone (historical data since 2010).

December 2023: Fade Breakout Strategy on Copper Futures by Alessandro (historical data since 2010).

January 2024: Breakout Strategy on Natural Gas Futures by Alessio (historical data since 2010).

February 2024: Trend-Following Strategy on DAX Index Futures by Alessandro (historical data since 2010).

March 2024: Giuseppe's "seasonal" breakout strategy on Natural Gas futures. Backtest on market data since 2010.

April 2024: Giambattista's mean-reverting strategy on Dax Index Futures. Backtest on market data since 2010.

...and receive trading insights, open-source code systems and advanced training every month!


Andrea Unger

Reflecting on my career as a trader, I can't help but think back to the time I spent searching for new edges, inefficiencies, and competitive advantages to exploit in my trading systems.
Creating a well-diversified portfolio with hundreds of strategies requires time, commitment, and energy.
Last but not least, it requires great patience, especially when ideas that seemed incredibly promising turn out to be ineffective or unsatisfactory in terms of performance.
I hope that the trading insights and ideas we share in this Club will help you develop your strategies starting from engines and approaches that have already demonstrated their potential, saving you time and energy.
Happy trading!

Andrea Unger


1. When does my subscription renew?
With the monthly plan, the renewal will occur every month on the same day you subscribed. For example, if you sign up on November 12th, the renewal will take place on the 12th of every month. With the annual plan, the renewal will happen exactly one year from the date you subscribed. If you sign up on November 12th, the renewal will occur on November 12th of the following year.

2. Is the renewal automatic?
Yes, the renewal is automatic. Every month (or every year), the subscription amount will be charged to the payment method you used to sign up.

3. What happens if I don't have enough funds at the time of renewal?
If there are insufficient funds in the payment method you used for the subscription, your membership will be automatically suspended, and you will no longer have access to the Unger Strategy Club from your account. If you wish to keep your subscription active, please trasfer the necessary funds into the payment method used and contact us at [email protected].

4. When my credit card expires how can I update my card details?
To update the credit card details used for your subscription, you can send an email to [email protected].

5. How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription and leave the Strategy Club by sending a request via email to [email protected].

6. What happens when I cancel my subscription?
If you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be able to access any content of the Unger Strategy Club. Consequently, you won't be able to participate in the Masterclass, access strategy codes, and watch strategy analysis videos.


Unger Strategy Club is RESERVED for students who have purchased the "One Year Target" or "AlgoTrader Fast" programs.

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The content made available within the Unger Strategy Club is strictly for personal and private use.

Therefore, sharing such content (in part or in its entirety) with others is NOT permitted.

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